Wildlife Conservation Society's Run for the Wild at the Bronx Zoo

Run for the Wild Bronx Zoo 2017

Max's Minions

Hi –



Max isn't allowed to run in this race (he's a dog, after all) so he's sent out his minions to do the job for him! Help us raise money for some of his and our favorite animals -- giraffes (he's got about 5 giraffe toys at the moment), monkeys, moose, bears and foxes -- and the wonderful Wildlife Conservation Society. 


Today, animals are going extinct 10,000 times faster than ever before. African elephant populations have plummeted due to poaching to feed the ivory trade, and recent news from the field has often been bleak. Lion populations in Uganda have declined by 30% in ten years. War, hunting, and habitat loss have had a severe impact on gorilla populations. This news is devastating to but WCS is working to give wildlife a fighting chance. The organization recently launched a plan to conserve the world’s largest wild places in 15 priority regions. Together, those are home to more than 50% of the world’s biodiversity!

If you could help donate to our cause, we'd be so appreciative. Any amount of money helps (and if you'd like to join us that day we'd love that too!) Max will be very thankful -- he's already heard so much about the Bronx Zoo (his doctor has patients that reside there!)



Max and his minions






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